Mint Spice Tea from New Mexico Tea Company

Today is my first day back from a multi-day cold; the kind of cold that comes on fast and makes you do little more than sleep for a three days straight. Honestly, I should probably still be sleeping right now, but some stupid sense of duty has me back at work.

I know a lot of people drink tea while they are sick, but I was so out of it that even the thought of handling boiling water creates a bit of anxiety in me. And what have I chosen as my first, back from the dead, cup of tea? I wish it was a coin of white2tea’s Little O, but those have long ago sold out. The chenpi orange mixes perfectly with the sweet, shou puer and it tends to make me feel better when sick. Its older brother is a constant temptation, but the coin size was perfect for a tea I enjoy the most when I was feeling low or tired (aka, lazy).

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